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Bose Soundsport Wireless

Most people equate Bose with quality. Bose are not known to be cheap and these wireless headphones are no different. They are comparably expensive as are most of their other products.

I looked to the internet to find out where they ranked satisfaction-wise, what the pros and cons were and who had the cheapest prices.


  • The first thing I noticed was the design. They have this small wing-tips attached to the ear-bud that keeps it from falling out. Many claim they are very comfortable and the small wings do their job,
  • Pairing is easy and works with most devices and these have NFC meaning no processes to connect. Just touching them to most devices will do the trick,
  • The sound is really well-balanced with dynamic quality speakers,
  • The wireless connection is better than most,
  • Water resistant enough to be rained on,
  • Although the battery life is small, accessories like car charger and charging cases can be added when purchasing allowing portable recharging. 15 minutes will give you an extra hour.


  • They look bulky. Users claim they are not heavy and this is a small inconvenience if wearing a hat or helmet,
  • Shirt clip and no cord tightening feature. While the clip is ok, being able to tighten the cords helps when running,
  • The ear-bud is not designed to create a seal when worn. They are no good if the environment is noisy. For an extra $150 you can get the QC30 which has noise cancelling,
  • Battery life is poor with 6 hours at best.
  • isn’t cheaper than other stores unless you are an Amazon Prime member. This model as a standalone unit holds 3.9 stars and 55% who bought it gave it the full 5 stars from over 2700 purchases. So what did they have to say about these earphones?


  • Not being able to make them fall out
  • Top notch sound


  • The size of the buds, some said they gave off a Frankenstein vibe.
    Compared to Jaybird earphones, these didn’t fit as well,
  • Because they are a loose fit, to hear above outside noise, volume needs to turned up louder and sometimes even then, they aren’t loud enough.
  • The clip falls off

Overall, these are for serious audiophiles who want people to see they have Bose.
If you like to track your performance, this range comes in a SoundSport Pulse which works with apps like MapMyRun and features a heart monitor which will show results in a Pulse App